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Twenty years of turning data into action

QED is committed to delivering data-driven insights that create simplified and sustainable solutions for a complex world. Our work serves to enable better-quality development design, planning, implementation, and evaluation across all sectors.

Now in our 20th year, QED remains committed to providing cutting-edge end-to-end services and support by working with you to effect the change that impacts your programs and your bottom line.

END-to-END SOLUTIONS: At QED, we are committed to helping our clients create meaningful and lasting change by working with them to access, analyze and interpret data so that they can adapt and pivot as needed.

SYSTEMS-BASED APPROACH: A systems-based approach allows us to look holistically at challenges so we get to the root causes of what the data shows allowing for better quality design, planning & implementation across all sectors.

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY: Combined with our expertise and innovative tools, QED uses technology to improve data collection through our Innovation and Data Hub, allowing for an iterative, human-centered process to create innovative solutions.

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