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Our Culture

QED believes that collaboration, teamwork and integrity create the right environment for our people to deliver the best possible results for our clients. We are proud of what we do and always strive to do our best by consistently learning and improving.
QED seeks to benefit from diverse people and perspectives. We aim to attract and maintain a diverse employee base with a wide variety of individual characteristics, worldviews, and experiences in every part of our business.




Headquartered in Washington, DC, we also have partner offices, project offices and representative offices worldwide. See image below to learn where our offices are located.

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Intern Testimonials



Leticia Smith
Communications Intern (Spring 2017)

"I was attracted to QED as I wanted to learn more about international development initiatives and how consulting organizations like QED are making them better. I particularly wanted to work in communications in a position that included research and writing is a sure way to learn.
Working at QED both improved my writing and reminded me why I loved communications in the first place. The team allowed me to try out different tasks which helped me figure out what my talents and interests were. Since there are a lot of different topics regarding QED’s work, it was very valuable to practice writing on a wide range while tailoring it to the proper audience.
My advice to future interns taking on a similar role would be to be flexible and willing to jump into different tasks and subjects. Also, when in the face of overwhelmingly complex and abundant information, remember that there is a great team there to help you."


Qianjing Wang
Communications Intern (Summer 2016)

"One of the reasons that prompted me to apply for the Communications Intern position at QED was the informative, well-designed and easy to navigate website. This indicated that the communications team was competent.
The best part of my internship was being given various responsibilities that allowed me to fully immerse and contribute to communications-related work.  QED provides a favorable platform to learn new skills and team members are always ready to help and guide you. Some of the highlights of my internship were becoming more confident in using graphic design software, and creating and scheduling social media content.
My advice to future interns would be to explore and express your ideas knowing that they will always be well-received and valued and to be proactive and eager to learn new skills because QED is a great place to learn and grow!"



Todd Hadley
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Intern (Summer 2016)

"In the QED environment, interns have a front-row view of how projects are managed. I enjoyed very much working closely with team members on projects and addressing issues as they occur in real time. QED’s vast experience in M&E was an attractive aspect for me when considering the internship opportunity. The company is smaller than others, which allows interns and employees alike to gain exposure to a variety of tasks and areas.
The MEL team has provided me with the opportunity and freedom to work on a variety of tasks. Working in different areas of project management and M&E has allowed me to learn a tremendous amount in only a few short months. I have gained valuable experience in project management from seeing what goes on behind the scenes in the home office while the field team conducts operations on the ground. Exposure to M&E documents has given me a privileged viewpoint from which I have seen how specialists construct and implement M&E projects.
For future interns, I recommend diving right in and taking on as much work as you can reasonably handle. Search out different tasks to get a variety of experience. Get involved in different projects, because no two are the same."



Dana Muntean
Project Operations Intern (Summer 2011)

"QED was recommended to me by a friend from New York. She spoke highly about the QED culture, the amazing and friendly team, and the outstanding projects which the firm runs to help developing countries. I was very lucky to experience all of this during my summer internship with QED.
I loved the diversity of team members and projects I was exposed to. For instance, I had the opportunity to offer support to Program Operations and New Business, including assisting with the Iraq PERFORM project. I had a chance to use my Romanian and Russian language skills to perform research for project proposals. I also loved how QED let me use my creativity and photography skills to take staff portraits as part of the website redesign team.
My advice to future interns is to be curious and ask as many questions as you can about the company, about its vision, priorities, and projects. Look at the bigger picture and with fresh eyes identify areas of opportunities. Don’t think that it’s only an internship think of it as a 3-month accelerator program where you can leave your mark on how the business operates."





Alumni Network

Additionally, we have an Alumni Network, which keeps former employees engaged with current QED activities so that we are always connected.