Our People

Director of Security Sector Governance Assistance

Nadia Gerspacher

Nadia Gerspacher has been contributing to security assistance for over 15 years by conducting academic and applied research, publishing practical tools and guidance, developing and delivering training curriculum and facilitating working groups. She pioneered an education and training program of instruction on advising foreign counterparts and partnered with various advising programs across the USG to integrate the curriculum into their pre-deployment training including the Ministry of Defense Advisor (MoDA) program. She has published widely on how to improve advising missions and mandates. She has worked to further understanding on the ways and means of accomplishing more sustainable solutions when working to strengthen the capacities of security institutions at all levels. She also has extensive experience training military and civilian personnel in engaging foreign counterparts for capacity building contexts and has contributed to reflection on strengthening defense and other security institutions by focusing on legitimacy and a service orientation. Gerspacher has contributed to various doctrine development processes including building partner capacity (BPC), Institution capacity building (ICB) at both the national and multinational levels (NATO and UN). In addition, Gerspacher has worked to understand and build capacity of policing primarily in fragile, conflict-affected states and partnered with many police reform efforts and police entities and ministries to work toward developing a community-orientation across the entire police institution. She created the a program of instruction and collection of tools for police from Jordan, Pakistan, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Tunisia, Somalia and others to contribute more effectively to their country’s CVE capacity. Gerspacher contributes widely to thought leadership on security assistance issues.