An interview with Katharine Wheatley Hoffman

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Associate

Earlier this month, we were thrilled to welcome back Katharine Wheatley Hoffman as Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Associate. Katharine had originally joined QED fresh out of college and it was here at QED where she gained the experience that served as the foundation of her professional career. Now, after almost eleven years, she has returned to join the QED Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning team bringing with her a passion for the practice and an impressive set of skills and knowledge.

In this interview, Katharine shares how QED influenced her career choices, what brought her back and how much the company has grown and evolved since 2006.What brought you back to QED after almost eleven years? 

Back in 2002, when I initially worked at QED, I met a great team of people, who were passionate and excellent at their work. So, when I was approached by a former colleague to re-join an organization I used to be part of, I trusted my instincts that this would be a great opportunity.

 I had worked with several of the people that are still part of QED and appreciate their empathy, efficiency and collaborative nature. From day one at QED, they made me feel welcome and appreciative of what I have learned and can contribute to QED. It felt like coming home again.

How did working with QED help you in your career development?

Back in 2002, when I first joined QED, I was fresh out of graduate school with no hands-on direct experience but with a passion to learn the field of Monitoring and Evaluation. I was given opportunities that let me gain first-hand experience, that stretched my abilities and that help me lay the foundation for a fantastic professional career. In a short time. I was immersed in a variety of projects that allowed me to grow professionally, develop my skill sets and gain great experience.

I am sure a lot has changed since 2006.  Can you describe the most significant changes you’ve observed since joining back earlier this month?

That’s right, a lot has changed, but a lot remains the same! It’s a great balance of having become a larger and more mature organization, without losing some of its core values of innovation, integrity and collaboration. There are also significant transformations in terms of efficiency and organization, especially in the practice area and business operations. Given the dispersed locations of the staff, I also like it that we have technology that supports integration and effective communication. Another constant to highlight is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. And wow! The large office space we have now is hard to miss.

Please share 3 words that you would use to describe QED?

1). Innovative
2). Dedicated
3). Principle Oriented to its work and its people.

Also, QED is an organization that is consistently focused on contributing towards various causes, keeping true to its vision of transforming lives through knowledge-based solutions. 

What would you tell a potential applicant who would like to join the MEL team at QED?

QED is in the midst of a transformation to position us for growth. We provide people at all different levels of the organization with opportunities to be themselves and contribute their best. We have a rich culture that emphasises collaboration, quality and innovation. We provide multiple learning opportunities supporting career development and empowering people to be successful. It is a fast-paced environment that exposes you to a multifaceted global organization with plenty of opportunities for professional growth.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’m thrilled for this new chapter in my career. QED laid a strong foundation for my career and I am excited to return to QED with enhanced skills and knowledge.