Employee Spotlight: Nesma Gad

M&E Specialist at SIMPLE, a USAID/Egypt-funded Activity

Nesma Gad

Nesma Gad is a bright, highly talented M&E Specialist at SIMPLE. She joined SIMPLE in 2017 and has since executed several complex tasks as manager for SIMPLE. Just to name a few, in 2018 she was instrumental in the successful implementation of an Egypt-Level Counter Trafficking in Persons Assessment (C-TIP) that informed USAID/Egypt programming in this sensitive area. In 2019, she managed a high-profile evaluation in the water sector, which again informed on-going programming in the field. In 2020, her superior management work was critical for the successful conduct of a two-phased gender analysis and assessment that informed USAID/Egypt’s new Country Development Cooperation strategy. The assessment was conducted fully remotely due to COVID-19 circumstances, and ended with a strong report, well received by the Mission.

I believe what is unique about QED is the company’s emphasis on the importance of learning and adaptation. At SIMPLE, we work in a dynamic and challenging environment which avails a huge opportunity for personal and professional development and collaboration and learning from each other as a team.

Prior to joining SIMPLE, Nesma worked for Government of Egypt agencies, which deepened her contextual knowledge of and experience with the development challenges facing Egypt. At the Ministry of International Cooperation, she effectively contributed to several institutional reform initiatives and led evaluations of Official Development Assistance (ODA)-funded projects in various sectors. At the Ministry of Investment, she worked as an Economic Analyst focusing on the development of the mortgage finance market and promoting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). She holds a B.Sc. in Economics from Cairo University in Egypt; a M.Sc. in Finance and Economics from the University of Warwick in the UK; and is currently a PhD candidate at Cairo University, working on behavioural household finance.