Intern Testimonial: Todd Hadley

As summer 2016 draws to a close, we wanted to reach out to our hardworking interns to gather their thoughts on their time interning with QED. Todd Hadley, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Intern, has a few words to share about his positive experience. “In the QED environment, interns have a front-row view of how projects are managed. I enjoy very much working closely with team members on projects and addressing issues as they occur in real time.”

When asked what appealed to him about QED’s internship program, Todd responded: “QED’s vast experience in M&E was an attractive aspect for me when considering the internship opportunity. The company is smaller than others, which allows interns and employees alike to gain exposure to a variety of tasks and areas.”

Todd is also pleased to have gained knowledge and experience specific to the M&E technical capacity. “I have benefitted from working in small teams with different project managers. The MEL team has provided me with the opportunity and freedom to work on a variety of tasks. Working in different areas of project management and M&E has allowed me to learn a tremendous amount in only a few short months.”

He adds, “I have gained valuable experience in project management from seeing what goes on behind the scenes in the home office while the field team conducts operations on the ground. Exposure to M&E documents has given me a privileged viewpoint from which I have seen how specialists construct and implement M&E projects.”

As for what advice Todd would give to future QED interns? “For future interns, I recommend diving right in and taking on as much work as you can reasonably handle. Search out different tasks to get a variety of experience. Get involved in different projects, because no two are the same.”

Great advice, Todd! Many thanks to you and all of our hardworking interns for helping us see through another busy summer!