Introducing QED’s New Board of Advisors

Following a successful Board of Advisors launch meeting in July, we would like to introduce two new QED Board Members who will help provide strategic insight and advice to the management and overall direction of QED:

  • Craig Reed leads operations, business development, and strategic growth activities at NT Concepts as the President and Chief Operating Officer, with the responsibility of transforming the company into a top-tier U.S. Government contractor. His 30+ years of experience in government and government contracting span national security, homeland security, intelligence, energy, foreign policy and public policy. Read more about Craig here.
  • Susan Acker-Walsh offers a powerful blend of entrepreneurial drive, vision, and keen business acumen that uniquely equips her to launch complex business initiatives and bring them to fruition, create new businesses and develop them into major players in their market space, and adeptly support virtually all functional areas within an organization. Read more about Susan here.

QED’s Board of Advisors is led by Neelima Grover, the founder and owner of The QED Group. The Board of Advisors works closely with the QED Executive Team on business strategy, developing a long-term vision, and implementing new initiatives.