USAID/West Bank Gaza Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Project (PMEP)

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Project Details:

CLIENT: USAID/West Bank Gaza

REGION: Middle East

COUNTRY: Palestine

SERVICE: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

SECTOR: Democracy & Governance, Economic Growth, Energy, Health

PROJECT LENGTH: August 2017 – January 2019

Project Description

QED Group led the Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Project (PMEP) in West Bank and Gaza (WBG). The goal of PMEP was to provide utilization-driven, comprehensive performance measurement, planning, performance monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) services for the USAID/WBG Mission. The activity ended early as USAID ceased all assistance to W. Bank and Gaza and closed the Mission in early 2019. Read more on that here.

As part of this activity, QED provided performance management services, capacity building and learning services and as requested conducted field-level monitoring visits for evaluations, survey studies and assessments. QED worked collaboratively with USAID and implementing partners to develop, conduct and share results from evaluations, surveys analyses and assessments.

Illustrative Activities:

  • Design and Facilitation of two customized M&E training workshops for USAID new grantees, Global Development Alliance (GDA) and Conflict Mitigation and Management (CMM) partners. Training material was designed to actively engage participants and provide them with the necessary skills to successfully develop their performance management plans.
  • Performance evaluations of the Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program (PCID) and the Enterprise Development for Global Competitiveness Project (Compete).
  • Data quality assessments (DQA) on 19 PPR indicators reported against by five USAID activities
  • Participatory rapid civil society assessment that measured the current challenges of the Palestinian Civil Society organizations and offered windows of opportunities in the findings.
  • Rapid assessment to support the Palestine Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (PETL) to measure risks of assuming responsibility for Local Government Units (LGUs) who served as connection points. PMEP facilitated a final briefing of findings, a recommendations workshop, and broad stakeholder dissemination event.
  • Rapid study on the impact of USAID development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza over its past 25 years of operation.  The results of the study were to be used by USAID to demonstrate its development impact in the West Bank and Gaza to USAID/Washington, the US Administration,  members of Congress as well as local and international stakeholders.

Related Contracts

QED Group…exerted extra efforts in managing resources and directing efforts to conduct the assessment…providing such a high quality technical product in a very timely manner.”

– USAID/WBG client