Public Financial Management (PFM) II IDIQ

Organizational DevelopmentMonitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Project Details:

CLIENT: USA Agency for International Development

REGION: Global


SERVICE: Organizational Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

SECTOR: Economic Growth

PROJECT LENGTH: September 2018 - September 2023

Project Description

USAID’s Public Financial Management (PFM) II Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) will provide support for the public sector in developing countries that USAID serves. When governments have sound, effective, transparent, gender-aware and accountable systems in place to manage public funds, there is a decrease in opportunities for corruption, inefficiencies and mismanagement. Sound public financial management systems can facilitate good governance practices; access to useful, accurate public information for better decision-making; and systems that complement each other across governmental entities.

Governments with such sound public financial management systems, that include transparency, accountability, and internationally-recognized standards, tend to be more stable, more credible, and better able to achieve broad-based economic growth.

PFM II will address four factors which are keys to USAID’s goal of achieving broad-based equitable economic growth:

  1.  Increasing and expanding human capacity
  2. Improving the policy environment to promote efficiency and economic opportunity for all members of society
  3. Sound management of institutions
  4. Good governance

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