Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Program (The Learning Contract)


Client: USAID/Uganda

Region: Africa

Country: Uganda

Service: MEL

Sector: Agriculture, Democracy & Governance, Economic Growth, Education, Environment, Food Security, Gender, Health, Youth & Child Development

Project Length: June 2013 – September 2018


The USAID/Uganda Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Program, also referred to as The Learning Contract, is a five-year activity that supports the Mission’s Program and Policy Development office. USAID/Uganda contracted QED to implement this program, which provides Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) support services and aims to increase USAID/Uganda’s capacity to implement a Mission-wide Collaboration, Learning and Adapting (CLA) approach.
The CLA approach is a component of USAID/Uganda’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), with the ultimate goal of ensuring the CDCS works as a "living document," providing guidance and reference points not only for implementation but also for learning and course correction as needed. By bolstering USAID/Uganda’s capacity in this domain, the Learning Contract hopes to gradually shape the Mission into an adaptive organization with an emphasis on learning, thereby becoming a more responsive and strategically sound development agency.

Broadly, The Learning Contract delivers work across three areas: 1) strengthening MEL systems; 2) institutionalizing learning and adaptation management practices; and 3) leveraging strategic development partnerships.

Impact to Date

Through year two, The Learning Contract has delivered the following results:

  • Supported 51 USAID/Uganda tasks
  • Engaged 33 local consultants and 28 international consultants
  • Managed 30 CDCS development meetings and led 12 CDCS development process events
  • Assisted 20 implementing partners in developing Activity MEL Plans
  • Assessed 26 indicators in formal Data Quality Analysis processes
  • Conducted 7 evaluations, 6 special studies, 5 assessments, 3 learning reviews, and 2 organizational network analyses
  • Synthesized 12 evaluation reports and supported 8 portfolio reviews
  • Organized 5 Child Forum events, and produced 3 Child Forum documents and 2 Child Forum videos
  • Supported 6 Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) events, 5 development networks, and 3 external stakeholder events
  • Facilitated 6 staff exit interviews, 4 after-action reviews, and 3 performance reviews
  • Developed 3 how-to guides

Additional Information

Read the newly-released project report, "The State of the Ugandan Child: An Analytical Overview" (May 2016)

Watch one of the project-produced Child Forum videos, "Hear Us: Ugandan Girls Speak Up #GirlPower" (June 2016)

To learn more about Child Forum activities, visit the Child Forum website, which provides information on the Learning Contract-facilitated National Forum on the State of the Ugandan Child, as well as the Regional Forums. This site includes additional materials from the events and serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration for Champions for Children to improve the well-being of the Ugandan Child. 



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